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I have been diligently working on my PiBoIdMo ideas. And on occasion I have even expanded from the idea into a full fledged story. Since the 1st I have completed four stories. Well, the  stories have been completed, now it needs refining I am sure. But they have been written. As a test subject, my nearly 8-year-old son has been reading them. Over the course of the last 13 days, he has managed to be “inspired” as well and has come up with four of his very own stories. Granted, they aren’t as complex, or congruent, as a story should be, but he has written them. He has been inspired by PiBoIdMoto write! I am so excited! I must fuel this interest while he feeds my need. PiBoIdMo has inspired not only me,  but my son as well. Thanks Tara!