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Currently, I am a part of an online critique group that I love. I love the interactions, support, and guidance that we all share with each other. I love the convenience of it. But you know what I don’t like about it? We can never meet face to face and have the personal time that comes with a local critique group.

I thought joining a local critique group would be a wonderful addition to the online critique group. It would have added another point of view. And to have someone already published be a part of that critique group may have been a bonus as well.

Yesterday, I had an opportunity to join a local Picture Book Critique group hosted by Children’s Author–Jennifer Swanson. I received their prospective member questionnaire and began filling it out. Everything seemed to be going ok, until I saw one of the last questions:

“Can you commit to 2 Thursdays per month from 10am- 12pm attending the meetings at the Southeast Library while critiquing the submissions in advance? Can you have something ready to submit at least once a month?”

I work full time and this was definitely not a good fit, time wise. I was hoping everything else would work out and filled it out anyway, along with a note: “

“Unfortunately, the times you list for meeting are not a good fit for me. But I hope that there is a possibility for an alternative time frame. Thank you for your time and consideration.”

The response I got was that the times were “firm” and “Best of luck with your writing”. Those words struck home. They felt like I had just received another rejection for one of my manuscripts. They felt just like any other rejection I’ve ever felt. But, rejection is a part of an author’s life, right? And you have to be a good fit for the critique group just as they have to be a good fit for you.

I will always be a part of my online critique group…which I LOVE! They are a good fit for me! 😀