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So, I’ve been involved in a local Fiction Writer’s Group. They have no experience with Children’s Books and critiquing Picture Books was definitely not their forte. Since I’ve been participating in these critique meetings, I have somewhat switched my writing. I had already lost my mojo for writing picture books at the moment. One reason, I think, is because I am still waiting on a critique from an editor I won a few months back but haven’t heard from her yet. Not that I’m complaining. She’s busy. I know. But, something about having a real live editor review your work kind of gets your nerves all in a bundle.

So, yeah, I’m changing up a bit. I started back writing a few short stories and the Fiction Writer’s group has given me some great advice. Even edging me on to expanding a few into a novel. (Which scares me!)

My last short story I wrote and submitted to them, which was last week by the way, ended up causing them much grief. What I thought was a short story, turned out to be a writer’s purge. Therapy.

I took my main character, based him off my husband’s situation and wrapped up some major fears we both have. See, my husband suffers chronic pain from a few accidents he had in the military. He also gets three to four migraines a week. I am his care giver, the bread winner, the support line. Our lives are very difficult. There is no way to express it in terms anyone can understand. I did my best in that short story.

Only…it seemed to leave my readers with no hope.

So, I’ve been wondering….do ALL books/stories need express that there is ALWAYS hope? I mean, life’s not fair. Life does not always balance out. Sometimes, hope leaves people’s lives. Why does EVERY story have to have a happy ending? Can I actually sell a story where the ending is really that….the end!

he dies. He feels like his life was a  waste. He’s tired of the pain. He wants it all to end. And then…it does.

Would you read this? Would you want more? Would you be angry that you were left with no hope?