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I was introduced to the #FridayFlash on Twitter only 2 weeks ago. I had to do some research as to what it is and how it works. But basically, you write a flash fiction (1000 words or less) and post it on Fridays. Simple as that.

If you are interested in learning more, or reading other stories, here’s the official website for #FridayFlash.

This is my first attempt at something like this. In fact, I wrote this before I wrote my 2nd #WriteCampaign Challenge but I figured I would post that first.

I would love to hear your comments. Anything I could have done better? different? Anything you particularly liked?

Thank you!

Wispsof clouds hung in the sky in front of a full moon. Shadows etched onthe ground below my open window. I leaned out over the ledge in hopes offinding a breeze in the heavy air.
            In the moonlight I could see the mountainous grooves leftby the day’s travelers etched in the dusty road in front of our house. I lookeddown the road for comfort. Annie’s house was not that far and I could make outthe lantern in the window. Annie always left it on for me, in case I woke inthe middle of the night and needed her. It was her way of letting me know shewas there for me.
            I never liked the night. SHE came in the night. Only Annie believed and comforted me. She understood. 
           A full moon was less chillingthan a new moon, but still I shuddered. In the fields between our two houses, Iwatched a shadow move across the fields between our two houses. I strained tomake out the shape. My heartbeat drummed in my ears and my eyes widened inrealization. It was HER! She was coming!
            Frozen to my window, I watched as the shadow skimmed thetops of the grass making its way towards Annie’s house.
            No! I thought. Not Annie! Please, not her!
            Annie’s lanterndimmed.
No, Annie, No! Don’t go! Iscreamed in my head.
Annie’sshadow darkened her window as the Shade paced the ground below. I watchedin horror, fear gripped my heart, as Annie climbed out her bedroom window. Irefused to breath as Annie disappeared into the darkness that was the NightShade.