About Jamie Dement

An avid reader from an early age, Jamie lost herself in the world of books and never quite recovered. A world traveler due to her origins as an Air Force brat, she draws on issues, experiences and philosophies gained from being widely traveled.

During her high school years, Jamie dabbled in writing (but never finishing) stories, and bad poetry. Her Bachelor of Arts with a Writing Concentration (ie: Journalism), has never really been used and she spends her days stuck in the computer industry as a tech consultant for HP. While in college she married her soul mate and continued travels with her Army husband.

When not writing, Jamie enjoys her family (including cats), tea, RedBull, her roses, reading, gaming and helping her gifted son who was recently accepted into the American Mensa Society. She also provides support and care for her disabled veteran husband.


Would love to hear your opinions!

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